Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Well both of the engines are thrashed.  Found out they aren't 1994's but 1984's.  They did last us 2 seasons but aren't worth repairing.  So it sounds like 2 new Evinrude 60 HP E-TEC Motors.  Starting January 1 they are offering a 5 year warranty so that will be nice.  So after the first of the year it looks like we will be purchasing new engines!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pontoons Tested!

Well with the engines and the swim platform off I was able to remove both of the transoms and inspect the pontoons under them.  Had leaks in both areas.  Chad, my son in law came over and we pumped out the water that had gotten into the pontoons and pressure tested all of them.  Wasn't surprised to find the leaks at the transom area but also found a small leak on the front of the right one, a very small hole and it seems to be solid around it.  Phone our friend Wes, he is the welder that worked on them last time, he is going to stop by this week and scope it out.  He will do the welding sometime soon.  Larry our neighbor is working on a solution for the swim platform to make it lighter and I need to get him over to look at doing the third pontoon at the rear of the boat. 

Stay tuned!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Engines Are Off!!

Well we have been so busy we haven't had much time to work on the boat.  New job requires travel and we just got home from to weeks in Mexico.  Had a great time with two of our daughters and their families and our friends from Canada. 

On Thanksgiving morning I was able to remove both of the outboards and took them to the mechanic on Friday.  He will let me know what the repair bill looks like and we will go from there.  In addition the Transom board on the left engine is cracked and will need a new one made.  It is made out of wood and appears to be fiber-glassed over the top.  I pulled the swim deck to get to the motors and removed all of the Trex Dec, my friend and neighbor Larry is going to put aluminum treads on the deck to save some weight.  I am also going to have him look at building a third pontoon to go in the middle and to the rear of the boat.  I am hoping this will help level the boat.  I also could use it as a grey water tank if I needed to.  We have been able to just let the grey water go into the lake, but they may change. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The "List"

This is the list we have compilied for the winter.  Includes our wish list items, really not as big as it looks but we have a full winter!!

Paint decks
Touch up all paint
Install Slide on top
Slide water pump
Repair pontoons
Paint pontoons
Outlets top deck (120 & 12volt)
120 V outlet in back bedroom and on back and front decks
Repair bracket by Water tank
Move battery's to front
Install auto transfer switch fpr generator / solar / shore power
Repair steering linkage
Sound system, speakers etc
Train horn
Fix gate latch on side gate
Bolt back rail down
Electric Plug for refrigerator
Out board Motors repaired / replaced
Repair back heater
Repair screen doors
Doors above and below fridge installed
Fix all latches on doors
Fix oven
Fix rollers on gang plank
Clean & org.  tools
Pictures in frames
Larry build third pontoon
New lights outside for night drive
Lights on front / back deck
Boat tow bars on sides
Install Fish finder installed
Replace board on swim deck with aluminum decking
Cover for propane tanks
Move generator to top
Replace wood on ladder or build spiral staircase
Fix toilet leak
Replace washers in all water faucets
New tie down points in front
Patch h/w heater vent hole
Shelf and lights at our bed
Winch for anchor

In preperation.......

So Chad, Wyatt, Blake and I went out yesterday and pulled down the shade roof, the railings and took everything off of her top to prepare for the move on the 6th.  She looks naked with her top off!!

You can see she is listing to the rear and it is more that she did in the begining.  One of the things I want to do is have my friend Larry Kost build a third pontoon to put in the middle and to the rear so she will ride level.  We are also going to move the solar batteries to the front and the generator to the front on the top.  This should help also.

One of my favorite places

This is at the river inlet almost as far as we can go upriver.  It is absolutely beautiful here.  It is evening and the sun is reflecting off of the foliage into the calm water.  It is one of the most peaceful places I have ever been.

Paddle Boat

We purchased the paddle boat like two weeks after we put the boat in the water from our new Houseboat friends Dave and Millisa Smith.  It has been a hit!!